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As we are seeing the movement of investors from the crypto to the stock markets. This is starting to be discussed on Social Media platforms such as Reddit & Twitter. To find out what was the buzz around different industries, we used the Social listening platform My Social Pulse to listen into the EV (Electric Vehicle) industry.

MySocialPulse showed $Rivian, $CCIV, $TSLA, $NIO, $GM, $F, $FSR as the hot Electric Vehicle stocks being discussed.

With the imminent IPO of Rivian valued at $70bn and a battery range of 300 miles, all the hype on Social Media is about CCIV i.e. Lucid

Motors with a valuation of around $35-40bn and battery range of 500 miles. There is huge confidence in the technology behind CCIV i.e. LUCID motors given they have proved their prowess in the Formula E. Further analysis shows CCIV is being Short Squeezed as well. All this is making CCIV a darling of Retail investors.

The sentiment for the EV industry overall is extremely positive with Positive, Anticipation and Joy as leading emotions today. Makes us believe money is moving into EVs. What do you think ?