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E-mails are a richer source of information for the growth of any company compared to the entire world wide web. From identifying drawbacks to leveraging valuable insights from your email network, email monitoring opens up a wide range of possibilities to enhance one’s progress.

Proper organization of emails are not only a great way of improving efficiency but also a crucial step towards staying up-to-date with the events taking place within the organization. Email monitoring tools help you track your employees' conversations to identify threats or improper behaviour that might cause harm to the company in the long run. They also prevent leakage of confidential information and ensure that workers adhere to the company standards while operating the mailing system.

All of these actions are timely identified and reverted to by the email monitoring system using new-era language processing models and advanced AIs that have powerful language comprehending abilities. Interpreting language is the foremost feat that once achieved makes further steps in the process of monitoring business emails a much simpler process.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology not only helps e-mail monitoring tools understand the context and meaning of the language used in a particular text but is also extremely helpful in decoding various human sentiments that can possibly be expressed through it. The applications are trained to spot and analyse sentence syntax and structure to effectively group data that might be useful or in need of attention. Powerful NLP algorithms are complemented by machine learning models in order to present the user with valuable insights that fuel growth.

But why should a machine be appointed with the task of reading and monitoring emails? The answer to this question lies behind the limited time in the hands of companies compared to the unlimited unprocessed information lying in their emails. While going through lengthy emails can take hours at a stretch, jotting down information that could potentially boost the performance of an organization would be an even more hectic task.

Email monitoring tools on the other hand are capable of providing in detail analysis of data fed into the system along with reliable sentiment scores. Moreover, each time you use the tool to extract information from a raw set of data the results become more accurate as it incorporates a more enhanced take on processing text.

Email monitoring tools prove useful among various fields across several positions. One of the most common uses of this technology is evident in the monitoring of employee activity. Occupations like public relations and customer services call for tracking conversations between the company and the outside world in order to uphold the brand name and regulations.

How the My SocialPulse Email Surveillance tool can be just the right tool for your company’s needs?

The My SocialPulse Email Surveillance tool is designed by a group of dedicated data scientists to meet the demands of business owners who find it difficult to keep up with their emails. We at My SocialPulse believe that data can be harnessed to aid in the improvement of results to a great extent.

My Email Surveillance tool achieves near-accurate results post data analysis with the help of powerful AI and state-of-the-art NLP running in the background. A comprehensive archive of tagged sentiments ensures that sentiments scores are trustworthy. It spans numerous emotions and keywords customized according to your needs so that you always find what you are looking for.