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Hashtags have become an integral part of every social media platform. Be it Instagram, Twitter or Facebook every post being uploaded has a hashtag attached to it in order to reach the intended audience. Since August 23, 2007, when the first hashtag was used by a Twitter user (See Tweet), we have come a long way where they have not only become a common practice but a prerequisite. Meaning, they have become an essential part of the content strategy for social media marketing by companies. These not only act as a link but enable your shared content to find the right audience and vice-versa. It is like creating a niche for the services you provide or the information you wish to impart.

Best Hashtag Practices and Uses

There are multiple methods that you can employ to increase reach on social media. You can play around with different strategies to gauge what works best for you. You can even create your personal hashtag that represents your brand and is easy to use to gain popularity. Hop on to popular trends and see your reach sky-rocket. They also play an important role in targeted marketing campaigns. Additionally, companies can use it to raise brand awareness, encourage users to take part in their trends, boost SEO and so much more.

Worried about choosing the right hashtag for your post?

When it comes to the digital world, hashtags are the driving force. But you can only achieve desirable results when you know how to use the right ones. For this, you need to pick out the popular ones. In order to effectively realize your social strategy with relevant hashtags, you can use My SocialPulse. The tool assists you in real-time to find the highest trending hashtags.

My Social Pulse has a dashboard where you can view what posts and hashtags are most popular among your followers. It gives you an overview of the positive and negative sentiments of social media users including what is being commonly talked about. Before taking any step out there you need to first analyse these statistics that My Social Pulse provides you. It’s not simply about guessing but involves a lot of strategic planning as well. The search bar on Instagram or Twitter won’t give you the insightful information that My SocialPulse is designed to render.

SMM can be really tricky. With My Social Pulse, you can not only stay updated with the recent hashtag trends but also get a review of all your previous performances. It is definitely your secret to give tough competition to your peers and up your social media game.