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The coronavirus lockdown saw a significant rise in the number of retail traders in the stock market. The army of untrained traders that were once considered to be simply indulging in tomfoolery have now swayed the tides of the global stock market to a large extent. Despite their lack of knowledge in the field, it is more about the energy invested in the sector that has caused a change to occur.

Thanks to multiple royalty-free trading apps in the market, a large number of people have jumped the bandwagon with the hope to try their luck in the stock market. While this might sound like a disaster brewing slowly, the results have been quite the opposite. The despairing scenario of the trading world where stocks only seemed to be “going up”, changed course. The newcomers pumped up a lot of stocks last year boosting the low optimism level of existing fund managers. A lot of them have already taken part in significant historic rallies in equities.

The obvious route where retail traders are considered to be an important part and parcel of the trading world is still being neglected. Although market veterans have pointed out enough that the trend is neither going to come to an end in the near future nor is it going to stop influencing the stock market trends; few actually take them seriously.

So far as the beginning of this investment trend is considered, the cards have played out in the favour of these amateur traders. No sooner than their landing, have they led to powerful changes and influential outcomes that now need to be taken into account. Experienced investors need to be more careful now. Even more, they need to understand how the next market trend is going to be or how will the new entry influence them.

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