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In this final blog of our 4-part series, which aims to raise awareness and understanding of what data analytics is and the benefits it can have for business. We are going to touch on the possibilities that are open to business when data analytics is combined with the advancements in new, plus traditional technologies.

With the rapid advancements and developments in technology that we are seeing, plus the range of digital connections that are now available, the data generated from this can be overwhelming. Qs such as Where to start? What to do with it? What does it mean for my business?

There are numerous traditional business analytical systems which we are more familiar with such as business intelligence (BI), customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and enterprise asset management (EAM). There are also productivity and collaboration tools such as Microsoft SharePoint and Teams. If you were to combine these traditional methods and advancements in a creative way, this will enable businesses to make more informed decisions that can provide access to new customers, markets, increased revenues, and profits.

One such technology is location analytics, which enables you to quickly visualize and analyse data in the context of its geography. In essence combines data from mobile devices, social media , plus other types of data related to the environment enabling a company to discover powerful answers to any business challenge and then be able to share this with the rest of the company through the use of their collaboration tools.

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