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Social listening is a very powerful, but currently is not a well-known tool. Social listening allows you to improve your business, the services, and products that you offer by listening to and then providing your consumers what they love. It enables you to know in real time what are the changing moods, likes and tastes of potential and existing customers. What emotions your branding and marketing elicits, where you need to make changes, what location to target and know who is ready to buy and when.
Brand managers can analyse such data and take subsequent actions to increase their reach and exposure. Missing out on the power of social listening, when people are talking about different things on multiple social media platforms could be detrimental.

Topics of hype are always being discussed on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit. Especially when massive changes take place in the field or activities that might impact the way we see the world, in the long run, are always being critiqued and talked about on them.

These online platforms are a rich source of valuable insights. But how do you access this data? My SocialPulse is an ingenious tool that allows you to instantly perform “social listening” so that you have your hands on all the information that is crucial to the industry you belong to. An example of social listening through My SocialPulse can be seen in the following article: Click Here

How can you polish your social listening skills?

Social Listening is all about finding the right opportunity to leverage to your advantage? How can you do that? Simple. Always keep an eye on the activities on your social media accounts and never forget to check out the insights. The two golden rules of social listening are:

  1. Notice mentions, tags, the emotions evoked and other keywords related to the services your business offers. Compare it with what is being said about your rivals.
  2. After you are done with the above what is known as social monitoring, you are all set to take action on the available insights. This is what makes for a change. It could be as simple as responding to a customer query or introducing something revolutionary’

By now, you must have already understood that the process involves something beyond numbers. It is about gauging how your online audience reacts to your posts and about their sentiments when your brand is mentioned. Continuously tracking this “social media sentiment” is extremely important. You can do this by using the sentiment calculating tool available on My SocialPulse.

Why should you invest in social listening?

You must be wondering if your business is already doing well, then why should you spend time on social media interacting with posts and comments? Well, it is not unknown that every big news in any corner of the world finds its way to the internet. If you don’t listen to what your customers are saying about you, you might be missing out on a lot of insightful data. When you act in response to what your customers expect from you it shows how much you care about them. Even if you are a small business owner, you can utilise social listening to provide services that are favourable to your target audience. When people feel heard, sales statistics rise exponentially. Here is a list of advantages that you gain from social listening:

Customer Interaction

Interacting with customers always makes them feel special. It is a simple but effective gesture to show that you care about their opinions and problems. Not only will people start following you thus increasing your audience but it will also boost your engagement. And, as you know, a wider audience means significantly more sales!

Evaluate data and handle crisis

Since social media is an extremely active platform, you can easily track what posts work great for your business and what does not perform well. People out there are continuously voicing their opinions and only if you listen closely, will you be able to find what drives growth in business. You can check what kind of posts are popular and devise an engagement strategy accordingly. Similarly, when there is too much negative sentiment regarding your brand, social media allows you to immediately address the problem before it blows out of proportion. Putting out a tweet regarding something that is a major cause of concern among your customers definitely helps a lot.

Track competitors

Business isn’t always about focusing on yourself. It is also about your competitors and what you can do to surpass them. Social listening also allows you to keep track of your competitors and learn from their mistakes or take a cue from their achievements.

Resolve pre-existing problems

When you get into social listening, don’t just focus on your brand hashtags. The hidden treasure actually lies in going through common problems that people in the industry face. You can then use it to offer something better that people have always wanted. So dive deep into that research and you will definitely find tons of innovative ideas on how you can make amends to an existing service or introduce a completely new product that resolves a problem.

Lead on potential customers

When businesses indulge in pushing their customers to buy their products, it becomes a tad bit annoying. However, when you establish and nurture a healthy relationship with them over the internet, people might actually consider you as their best option while making a purchase. It is not just about social selling, but educating the masses about your services and why they should choose you. This will in turn help you expand your reign in the industry on social media.


Social listening is therefore very crucial when it comes to social media marketing of your brand. Through this, you not only just make announcements, put up posts or reply to tweets, but actually understand people’s reaction to your brand and analyse to come up with favourable future campaigns. It is one of the key aspects to focus on when looking to improve content strategy, introducing influencer programs or outpacing competitors.