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Social media and commerce have become synonymous in today’s world. Influencers inspiring lifestyles and brands continuously promoting their products and services especially on Instagram and Facebook have contributed a lot to this trend. As more and more people have started purchasing items directly from these platforms the US social commerce sales are expected to rise by 35.8% in 2021 which will generate a capital of $36.62 billion. Social commerce is the purchase made through the retailer’s product page on social media.

Although the percentage is slightly less than that of 2020 when the number boomed to 38.9% during the lockdown period when social media consumption was far much higher and brands hopped on to every trend to boost sales. Experts predict that by the year 2025 an average social buyer will have doubled the total average amount in the last 5 years which will sum up to $737.32 per buyer.

Although this number doesn’t seem like a lot for a single person, the average is significantly higher. A study also forecasts that in the next five years that the US social commerce will increase more than twice its value reaching $79.64 billion. Brands are continuously developing social media strategies, hiring experts in social media marketing and working to influence social purchase.

If you are a brand looking to succeed in the digital race of brands, you need to strengthen your social media standing. You not only need to inspire your audience to purchase your products. You need to dig deeper into strategies and social media tactics. Facilitate one-click purchases. Consider the age group for your product. Use hashtags. Target your posts to a particular audience. All of this requires real data to guide you through your plan.

You can use My SocialPulse as a tool to analyse various trends on social media, trending hashtags, common sentiments regarding your brand and what you can do to widen your audience. It truly helps you understand your niche audience and develop marketing strategies that attract more customers. Business in the world of social media won’t last long if you are not on the internet. Let’s fix that with My SocialPulse!

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