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There are multiple fashion brands on social media promoting their latest collections, ongoing sales, and increasing brand awareness right now. Is Paul Smith on the top of its social media game? In this cut-throat competition of providing the trendiest apparel and being the fashion icon, are you doing enough to reach your audience and connect with them? Statistics suggest that the global online fashion market will reach a net worth of $872 billion by 2023. With about 74 per cent of people worldwide making their fashion choices by being influenced through the Instagram, it is high time you invest in building up your credibility online. When people talk about you, you get noticed and when you get noticed, you generate revenue.


The number of times Paul Smith has been mentioned on Twitter

Even if you have a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account there could be a possibility that you are not doing enough to attract potential consumers. There are ample opportunities on these platforms that Paul Smith can use to drive traffic to their official website. Not only will you significantly improve your sales figures but also be recognised for providing better customer service which in turn results in long-lasting customer loyalty.

However, you might wonder if it is actually a task that can easily be accomplished. We are here to the rescue! Using the right tools and expertise to manage your social media handles can boost your growth as a brand online. My SocialPulse has a bulletproof social media strategy that is sure to help you leverage the advantage that these online platforms can provide you.

With just a single click, the tool provides you with valuable insights into the performance of your brand online. The below graph depicts the intensity of emotions that recent tweets regarding Paul Smith consist of:


You can also literally search the most common word that your brand gets associated with on the internet and interact accordingly:


Common emotions regarding Paul Smith

These powerful tools will help Paul Smith gain an advantage over its rivals. Social media is a vast platform and unless you do something that grabs the attention, you get lost in the crowd. For tailored and cohesive content creation and social media strategy, contact or Let us worry about the online business presence management while you stick to what you do best!