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If your business pertains to the fashion industry, then setting up social media is the key to your business development. What’s more important is staying active and engaging with your online audience. Margaret Howell is a reputed name in the world of fancy clothing. While you are out there influencing the world’s top personalities with iconic fashion choices, what are you doing to establish your brand as a credible fashion site on the internet?

Margaret Howell needs a content strategy that surpasses its competitors to become one of the topmost fashion influencing brands on social media. It is not uncommon knowledge that social media is the key to fame. You can utilise the powers of this amazing platform to lure people into the phenomenal clothing collections that your brand owns.

Now that you know how much of a significant role social media plays in the improvement of your overall revenue, you might want to search for the best in town social media experts. Insight Specialists is a team of extremely talented and professional digital marketers that will help you build a strategy around the things you envision for your Margaret Howell.

My SocialPulse is a revolutionary tool that we have introduced which makes social media marketing several times easier. Not only can you keep a track of all the negative and positive comments on your Twitter handle and anything related to your brand name, but can also use it as a complementary tool to engage with your followers on social media. Here are screenshots of some noteworthy features that My SocialPulse provides you:


This allows you to gauge your engagement statistics


The most common emotions that people express with the tag Margaret Howell


What has been most talked about your brand


Determine how your brand is performing online through the positive and negative emotions chart

Allow us to manage your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram account and sit back and watch the revenue pour in. Our managers will not only take care of your social media account but also other aspects of digital marketing; together which can help your business grow its internet presence significantly and achieve desired milestones.

Partnering with us not only benefits your proceedings but will also improve your brand awareness and customer loyalty. For tailored and cohesive content creation and social media strategy, contact or Let us worry about the online business presence management while you stick to what you do best !