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Since its inception in 2013, Dogecoin has become a real asset that many have invested in. Supporters of the cryptocurrency have started out a community called Dogepalooza that shares the mission:

“Do Only Good Everyday (DOGE)”.

The Dogepalooza community calls itself a fun and innovative group of people. It aspires to bring supporters of Dogecoin together and do something good. They hope to give back to the community by sharing their profits with local and national charities to help them make the world a better place. Dogepalooza thus not only takes its motto very seriously but is also consciously working towards it by educating and onboarding people into their group.

Another important aspect of their venture is being able to bring Dogecoin to mainstream businesses and organizations. Spreading the use and adoption of Dogecoin is also the prime focus of Dogepalooza.

Why should you join the community ?

  1. It aims to make a positive impact on societies by practising good corporate citizenship
  2. Is considerate of the work-life balance of its members
  3. Hosts grand events in the name of the community’s love for the cryptocurrency
  4. Supports national charities by donating the proceeds of the festival ticket sales.
  5. Supports diversity of caste, class and race and sex.
  6. Welcomes all kinds of cryptocurrencies apart from Dogecoin

The Dogepalooza event

The Dogepalooza event is a global celebration where people who share their passion for Dogecoin can participate and come together to get to know each other. The event extensively covers everything from music festivals, entertainment exhibitions and cultural activities. The very first Dogepalooza event is scheduled for October 9, 2021. The venue for this massive event is going to be Sugarland, Texas. It is open to the public and if you are one of the Dogecoin supporters out there you can head on to their website to fill the form. There are four categories: attendees, vendors, volunteers and event sponsors.

As mentioned above, the money raised from the festival will go to aid many worthy causes. Check out their website page to see the full list.

The Dogepalooza community has also partnered with several recognizable brands like Slim Jim and Conagra Brands Inc. The founder of Tesla, Elon Musk who is the biggest supporter of Dogecoin even tweeted “sounds kinda fun” when he found out about it!