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Maintaining an online reputation is crucial to any business. A small misstep can have huge consequences on the credibility of that business. You need to know what people on the internet are saying about your services and company. This can be achieved through social listening. Social listening is the process of monitoring all your social media platforms in one place for insightful data that can assist you in making and taking decisions for brand management, PR and marketing that can drive your business forward.

We all want a tireless way to keep track of data being shared about us online, anywhere in the world or in a specific geographical location. My SocialPulse is a platform that can help you achieve this. Not only can you monitor tweets about your company but can also gauge the reaction that your audience has towards a particular action, campaign, promotion or marketing campaign. In short, you will be able to see what the general social media sentiment about your brand is prevalent on the internet.

From suggesting the most powerful hashtags to garner the most reach, to generating a list of commonly used words with respect to your company to use within your marketing. There are a lot of marvellous features that My SocialPulse offers as a social media marketing assisting tool. Moreover, the entire data is collected in real-time so that you don’t stay behind on the current scenarios.

Social Media is all about sharing your thoughts and emotions. Once you start listening to them you will realize how important these are in the refining of your brand values and marketing . Getting your hands on such powerful data can be revolutionary. And now, this has been made possible all through a single click on MySocialPulse.