Blog Post

This is the second blog of our 4-part series, which aims to raise awareness and understanding of what data analytics is and the benefits it can have for business.

This week’s blog introduces one of the key groups of people, who are pathing the way in unlocking the power of data, analytics, and technology and how they add benefit for businesses across all industries.

As we said in the last blog, the value of data and what it means for business is so powerful. The people who carry out this work are known by many names, one of which is Data Scientist.

Fundamentally they are problem solvers not data crunchers, statisticians, or programmers. Data science is about using data and several tools and techniques to create as much impact as possible for your business.

What tools they use to solve these problems we should not really care about. There are lots of misconceptions about data science, this is due to what is popular to talk about in the media such as AI, machine learning and big data, instead of talking about what is needed by business which is to solve commercial problems such as how to improve their existing products. Understanding the emotion felt by your existing and potential customers towards your products, think of it as authentic real time market research with you as a business owner having finger on the pulse. This can then feed into a more targeted marketing campaign; It can also be used to provide a highly effective sales pipeline. | | MySocial_pulse