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Emotions Drive Markets

Discover the sentiment & emotions behind why and what is moving the Crypto markets.

Up until recent times, Crypto currencies and NFTs where only known and discussed on less mainstream platforms.

Well… not anymore! It’s a brave new world.

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Features Image

Stay Ahead Of The Curve

Scan for the most discussed investment opportunities before it becomes News… Is your finger on the Social Pulse?

Who hasn’t heard of Bitcoin or how Elon Musk has moved the price with a single tweet?

With our powerful scanners you can discover the what and why and have your finger on the pulse.

Endless Feature's

Make an informed decision about your finances and business with MySocialPulse.


Scrutinize thousands of tweets and posts per second.


Delivers clear data visualizations.


Unparalleled insight & foresight into positive and negative sentiments.


Sentiments are broken down into eight different emotions: anticipation, joy, surprise, trust, anger, distrust, fear, and sadness.


Build your personal stock-tracking dashboard by selecting from 14,000+ tickers.


Be the first to spot potential risks as well as opportunities.

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